New cooperation Royal Arctic Line
apr 12, 2016

The company TVG Zimsen will take care of all airfreight between Denmark and Greenland. The company will work closely with Royal Arctic Line, the largest carrier located in Greenland. 

"We take pride to further cooperation with Royal Arctic Line. We have enjoyed working closely with Royal Arctic Line for many years facing the powerful transport solutions in the North Atlantic and the extension of this partnership is built on the solid foundation, "says Bjorn Einarsson, director of TVG Zimsen in a statement.

" TVG Zimsen business will increase further as a result of this large and extensive project. We believe that this partnership with Royal Arctic Line will help us expand our transport solutions in the North Atlantic and to ensure continuation of the strong air cargo Denmark and Greenland. Then we will through our international transport networks and strive to ensure robust international transport solutions for Greenland importers and exporters. "

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