TVG-Zimsen has a partnership agreement with the freight forwarding company Royal Arctic Logistics in Greenland. The company is a subsidairy of Royal Arctic Line and is based in Nuuk.

Together with Royal Arctic Logistics (RALOG) we can offer custom formalities, door deliveries and other transport related matters both via air and sea.   

Greenland is, in terms of area the world's largest island. With a population of about 56000 inhabitants (estimated in January 2011) it’s the most sparsely populated dependent territory or country in the world. Only the coastal strip of 15-150 km wide, especially in the south and west is occupied.Size of Greenland illustrated

London Mining, a British mineral company, has developed plans to build a iron ore mine just outside the Arctic Circle in Greenland. The project has received government approval and could result in an influx of more than 3,000 construction workers into the country to build a port and pipeline to serve the mine.

We believer that our collaberation with Royal Arctic Logistics, a company that holds a strong position in Greenland, will help us boosts Iceland's role in the transport solutions that Greenland will need in the coming years.

Our staff will gladly give you more information about our air and sea freight services.

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