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TVG-Cruise agency is today the biggest cruise agency in Iceland and with the merger of Gára into Gára Agents & Shipsbrokers we offer a complete range of agency services to all ship owners and liner operators.

 A summary of our cruise services includes,

-       Communication with harbor authorities, customs and immigration.

-       Provisions, spare parts, bunkering, waste and sludge disposal

-       Scanning of luggage, stevedoring and porter service for a smooth and efficient turnaround during port calls.

-       Flights, airport transfers, accommodation, immigration formalities, dental and medical services for both crew and passengers.

Our port agency service are offered to a wide range of ships, ranging from cruise ships to fishing vessels and/or liner agency service provided to shipping lines, including sales and marketing activities.
The port agency service includes clearing ships in and out of ports, communication with customs, immigration and other authorities as well as calling for various services such as provisions, bunkering, water, waste disposal, repairs, crew changes, medical services etc.

We basically serve all types of vessels, such as container ships, bulk ships, military ships, research ships and cruise vessels.

Wondering what kind of solution we can offer you, please contact one of our staff. 

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